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Mrs Mowl's Group

Good Morning! We have learnt all of our phase 2 sounds! Well done!! For the rest of this week we are going to be doing lots of recapping and practicing our learning.


Let's start with practicing our letter recognition. Look at the sound mat below. As your grown up says a sound, can you point to the correct letter on the mat? Then switch over - you point to a letter and see if your grown up can tell you the sound it makes! (Grown ups, make sure to accidentally get a couple of sounds wrong and see if your child notices and corrects you. They will think it's funny and it's a good way of checking how secure their learning is!) 

Now let's practice our tricky word song!

Tricky Words Song

Today we would like you to complete some activities on Espresso, recapping the graphemes we have learnt most recently. Click on the link below to open the Espresso login page.

If you unsure of the login details please email us on and we will email them over to you.


When you have logged in, please click on: 

Foundation - Phonics - Scrap's Phonics - activities. Then scroll down to the section Set 5 h b f ff l ll ss. It will look like this:

Please complete the following activities:

  • Initial Sounds
  • Blending
  • Spelling