Reevy Hill Primary School

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Mrs Mowl's Group

Hello! Let's begin by recapping the sounds that we have already learnt. Click on the link below to open the Grab a Giggling Grapheme game on Phonics Play.

When the page opens, please click on start - continue - g o c k. Can you choose the correct alien to represent the sound that you hear?


Yesterday we learnt a digraph. Remember that a digraph is when two letters make one sound. The digraph we learnt was ck. Can you super segment and brilliant blend the words below, remembering to only say the sound one time when you see the digraph ck?







Did you get them all right? Well done! Now let's practice our tricky words by singing the tricky word song. Click on the video below and make sure to sing along!

Tricky Words Song phase 2

Today we are going to learn a new letter. It is the letter



Do you have this letter in your name? Watch the video below as Mr Thorne and Geraldine Giraffe teach us about the letter e.

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode e

Can you spot our new e grapheme in the words below?

  • deck
  • egg
  • get
  • men
  • peck


Watch the video below to see how to correctly form the letter e. Then can you practice writing it in your exercise book?


Lowercase Alphabet Letter e

Now have a go at writing words to match the 3 pictures below. Remember to use your robot arms to segment the sounds in the words before you write them down.