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Mrs Mowl's Group

Hello! Today we are going to recap and practice the learning that we did last week. Let's start with going through the sounds that we have already learnt. As your grown up points to letters on the mat below, can you say the sound that that letter makes?
This week we are going to be learning all of the phase 2 tricky words. Remember that a tricky word is a word that we cannot super segment and brilliant blend because it has a tricky part, so we have to learn to remember and read the whole word. Watch and sing-a-long with the tricky word song below!

Tricky Words song for phase 2

Today we are going to be recapping the sounds we learnt last week by doing some online activities on Espresso. Click the link below to open the Espresso login page.

If you do not know the login details please email us on and we will email it over to you as soon as we can.


When you have logged in click on Foundation-Phonics-Scrap's Phonics-Activities. Scroll down to the section for the sounds g o c k. It should look like the picture below.


Please complete the following activities:

  • Initial sounds
  • Blending
  • Segmenting


If you want to do any of the other activities as well then please do!