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Mrs Mowl's Group

Good Morning! Can you count to 20 and back again? Do it as fast as you can!


Have you got your exercise book and a pencil? When your grown up says a number to you, can you write it in your book? Grown ups, please ask your child to write numbers between 1 and 20 out of sequence, so for example write 11, 6, 18, 3 etc.

Today we are going to be working on adding by counting on again, but this time by looking at addition word problems. Read the word problem below:


Jack went to the shop and bought 5 apples and 4 oranges. How many pieces of fruit did Jack buy altogether?


To work out the answer to this addition problem we have to find the numbers in the sentence and add them together. So its 5 apples + 4 oranges.


Remember that when we add by counting on we start counting from the first number and count on. So my addition sentence would look like this:


5 + enlightenedenlightenedenlightenedenlightened =   I point to 5 and say 5 then point to the pictures and count on 6, 7, 8, 9. So altogether Jack bought 9 pieces of fruit.


Open the document below to find your word problems for today. Remember that we are working on addition so all of the word problems are asking you to do an addition sentence. You need to:

  • Read the problem, with an adult's help.
  • Find the two important numbers that you need to add.
  • Write out the addition sentence in your exercise book, remembering that we are adding by counting on so you will write the first number then draw pictures for how many more you are adding, like my example enough.
  • Work out your answer by counting on and write it down.