Reevy Hill Primary School

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Mrs Mowl's Group

Today we are going to start with practicing counting backwards. Can you:

  • Count back from 20 to 0
  • Count back from 20 to 10
  • Count back from 20 to 5
  • Count back from 20 to 12


Yesterday we practiced adding using the strategies we have already learnt in class. This week we are now going to learn how to add by counting on. Watch the short video below which explains what this looks like.

Add by counting on.

Still image for this video

When we are adding two numbers together, we don't need to count out the first amount, we just need to add the second amount, as that tells us how many more we are adding to the first number.


Can you have a go at working out the answers to the addition sentences in the link below. Remember each time to start from the first number and count on as you point to each picture that shows how many more you are adding.


So 2 + heartheartheart, I count 2 then as I point to the hearts I count on 3, 4, 5.