Reevy Hill Primary School

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Mrs Metcalfe / Miss Gibson's Group

Today we are going to start with practicing counting on from a given number. Can you count:

  • from 1 to 20
  • from 6 to 13
  • from 9 to 17
  • from 11 to 20


This week we are going to be learning how to count back from 20. Watch the YouTube video below and join in with counting and dancing!



Counting Down From Twenty Song

Did you enjoy that?


Can you read the numbers written below? How quickly can you say them all?


10    3    19    14    5     8     12     18 

2    1     7    15    20    17    4    6    11

9    13    16    

Our focus this week is subtraction. Remember that subtraction also means take away, so the number becomes smaller. Like if I had 4 cookies and I ate 2, I would have less cookies because I had taken some away by eating them!


Watch the video below showing you how to use objects to find the answers to subtraction sentences.


Still image for this video

Can you find the answers to the subtraction sentences below? Use objects to help you, like I used stars in the video. You could use lego bricks, small toys or pasta. Remember to count out the first number then take away the second number. Write the subtractions out with your answers in your exercise book and email us a photograph if you want, we would love to see how you are getting on!


Here are yours to work out:


5 - 2 =

7 - 3 =

2 - 2 =

9 - 4 =

6 - 3 =