Reevy Hill Primary School

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Mrs Metcalfe / Miss Gibson's Group

Start by doing a quickwrite of the phase 2 and 3 sounds that we have learnt so far. As your adult says the sounds, can you write a list of the corresponding letters in your exercise book?
Practice reading the phase 2 tricky words and the first 10 high frequency words that we have been learning in phonics. Remember that these are all words that we need to be able to read on sight, without trying to sound them out. How quickly can you read them?

Today we are going to focus on two graphemes that make the same sound:


z        and       zz


It is a long sound that we can stretch out, as if you are buzzing like a bee! Can you make the sound?

There is a rule to which of the graphemes to use when writing words. Look at these words and see if you can work it out?


zap          fuzz


We use the single z at the beginning of words and the double zz at the end of words.

Lowercase Alphabet Letter Z

Watch the video above about how to correctly write the letter z. Can you practice writing it in your exercise book?


Can you write the following words in your exercise book? Think carefully about whether to use z or zz in your word, remember that zz goes at the end of a word.


Please read the following words out to your child one at a time, without letting them see the words on the screen. Encourage them to repeat the word and then orally segment the sounds in the word, before they write it down.

Words: zip, buzz, fizz, zig zag.


Can you write captions to match these pictures?

Please ask your child to write the following captions, without letting them see it on the screen:

zip it up

buzz the bell


Say the caption to them several times, using your fingers to count how many words are in the caption. Then ask them to repeat the caption back to you to make sure they have remembered it before they start writing.