Reevy Hill Primary School

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Mrs Metcalfe / Miss Gibson's Group

Today we are going to be recapping the learning that we have done recently. Let's start today with a quickwrite of sounds we have learnt so far. Have you got your exercise book and pencil? As your grown up says sounds from the mats below, can you write the letter or letters to represent that sound?
Sing-a-long with the song below and practice our tricky words.

Tricky Words Song

Let's play countdown. The words below are a mix of tricky words and words that we can super segment and brilliant blend. How many can you read in two minutes? Set a two minute timer and go!


the                 we                      duck                     chin 


run                 hop                     doll                       go


she                 bath                   no                         to


pack               into                     he                        wish


king                he                       she                       we


The new tricky words that you have been learning this week in the song are:


she          he            we


These words have the same tricky part in them - the letter e that makes the ee sound. Can you read the sentences below and spot the new tricky words in each one?


he sang in the rain.


we had fish and chips.


she can run fast.