Reevy Hill Primary School

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Mrs Metcalfe / Miss Gibson's Group

To begin with today we are going to do a quickwrite of the sounds we have learnt so far. Have you got your exercise book and pencil? As your adult says sounds from the mat below can you write a list of them in your book?

Now can you read the phase 2 tricky words below?


the     go     I     into      no     to


This week we are going to learn to read some new phase 3 tricky words. Watch the YouTube video below and sing along with a song all about tricky words, some that you know and a few new ones. Can you spot which ones are our new ones for this week?

Tricky Words Song

Today we are going to learn a new digraph, which we find at the end of words such as:





Can you hear what our new sound is today? We are learning the ng digraph. This is a digraph that comes at the end of words and when we say it we don't really make a strong g sound. Can you have a go at saying the sound:


ng     ng     ng      ng      ng      ng


Open the document below, it is a story called A King with a Ring. As your grown up reads the story to you, can you put your finger on your nose every time you hear a word which has the ng sound in it?

Did you hear all of the ng words? Well done! Now we would like you to have a go at writing some of the ng words that you heard in the story in your exercise book.


Grown ups, please ask your child to segment and write the words king, ring, ping. Remind them to use their robot arms to segment the word before they write it down.


Finally, we have got an extra challenge for you as we would like you to have a go at writing a sentence.


Grown ups, please ask your child to write the sentence 'I sing a song.' Repeat the sentence to them several times, counting how many words are in the sentence. Then ask them to repeat the sentence back to you, to make sure they have held it in their head before they start writing.