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Monday 14th March

Nursery Home Learning 14th March 2022


Hello Nursery!

Included in this pack are a few activities linked to our learning about The Farm, that you might want to do to keep you busy today!



This week our focus is learning to name the baby animals on the farm, that are born in Spring. We will be reading the story Dora’s Eggs. You will be able to listen to this story by searching for it on YouTube. Included in the pack is a sheet to match the baby animals with their Mums. Can you cut out and stick them to match?


It is a beautiful day outside and the sun is shining! I have put a signs of Spring checklist in your pack in case you go for a walk, so that you can look out for all the signs that tell us Spring is on its way!



We are learning all about words that rhyme. Can you sing a couple of your favourite rhymes at home? Which song do you like best? There is a rhyming pairs sheet to complete, matching the words that rhyme, and an odd one out sheet, where you have to find the word that does not rhyme.



Practice counting in sequence to 20, counting like a robot, mouse or dinosaur like we do in Nursery! Look at and name the numbers on the sheet, up to number 9. Can you hold up the same amount of fingers to match each number? There is a I Spy farm activity sheet, to count how many of each farm animal / object you can see.


Practicing writing your name is something we do lots of too so you could have a go at that as well. Ask an adult to write your name and then have a go at copying underneath.


We hope you are feeling well and we are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Mrs Metcalfe and the Nursery team 󠇥

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