Reevy Hill Primary School

Interactive bar


Miss Shabirs group

Start with a quickwrite. Say sounds from the sound mat above, ask your child to write the letters that represent the sound in their exercise book.


Today we will focus on the digraph 'ch.' It is a bouncy sound, say "ch ch ch ch" (Like the noise a train makes.)


Ask your child to point to the ch sound on the phase 3 sound mat at the top of the page. Ask them to write the two letters that make the sound in their exercise book.


Look at the pictures below, write the words to match. 

Put a timer on your phone for 1 minute... How many of these words containing the 'ch' sound can you child read before it runs out?


Ask them to show thumbs up if it's a real word, thumbs down if it's a nonsense word.


chin            chub

chip            chap

chig            chob

check         chuzz

chill           much