Reevy Hill Primary School

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Miss Shabir's Group

Today we are going to be practicing recognising and ordering numbers to 10, along with our 1:1 counting skills.


First, can you practice counting from 1 to 10. Can you count:

  • in a normal voice
  • in a whispering voice
  • in a squeaky mouse voice
  • in a BIG GIANT voice


Good job! laugh


Using the number cards that you took home in your learning pack, can you order your numbers from 1 to 10. Remember to start with 1 and to count along as you place them in order, so that you know which number comes next. If you are unsure go back to the beginning and count along from 1.


Have you done it? Well done!


Now, if your grown up points to the numbers in a random order, can you name all of the numbers?


Finally, we would like you to play an online counting game. Follow the link below to open the Topmarks Ladybird Counting Game.

When you have opened the web page, click on matching then 1 to 10. Can you carefully count the spots on each ladybird and put them onto the leaf that shows how many spots they have got? Remember to count slowly, using your finger to touch each spot as you count it.