Reevy Hill Primary School

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Miss Shabir's Group

As your adult points to letters on the phase 2 and 3 sound mats below, can you say the sounds that those letters make?
Read the tricky words and high frequency words below. Remember that these are all words that we need to be able to read on sight, to make us a more fluent reader. Can you time yourself to see how quickly you can read all the words?

This week you have been practicing reading the phase 3 tricky words whilst singing along to the tricky words song on YouTube. Can you see how many of the words you can remember and read below?


me      he      she      we      be      you

all      are     her      was     they     my


Can you read the sentences below, which contain some of the phase 3 tricky words?


  • he had a gift for me
  • she can run fast
  • we will be back at lunch
  • can you hop?