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Miss Shabir's Group

Practice saying the phase 2 and 3 sounds that we have learnt. As your adult points to the graphemes in a random order, can you say the sound it makes?
Now practice reading the phase 2 tricky words and the first 20 high frequency words that you have been learning in phonics. Remember that these are all words that we need to be able to read on sight.

Phase 3 Tricky Words

Practice your phase 3 tricky words as you sing along to the song!

Today we would like you to complete your phonics activities on Espresso. If you don't know your Espresso login please email us on and we will send it to you.


Log in to Espresso by clicking on this link:

Go to Foundation-quick links-phonics-Scrap's Phonics-Activities.

Scroll down to the ch, sh, th, ng activities. Please complete the sorting sounds, spelling and read the sentence activities smiley