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Miss Shabir's Group

Hello! Let's begin today with practicing the graphemes that we have learnt, by playing a game on Phonics Play. Click on the link below to open the webpage, then sign in using the free login details on the homepage.

Once you have logged in, please click on:


Resources - Phase 3 - Grab a Giggling Grapheme - Start - All Phase 3



Did you get them all right? Well done!


Now let's practice our tricky words. Can you read all of the words on the mats below?

Let's play countdown. The words below are a mix of tricky words and words that we can super segment and brilliant blend. How many can you read in two minutes? Set a two minute timer and go!


they                  go                      was                     short 


gown                 sharp                  fear                   all


she                   boil                     moon                   her


are                    my                      you                      chain


quick                foal                   dark                      three

Now we are going to practice spelling the tricky words. Look at the picture below, it shows a way to practice spelling tricky words by looking, saying, copying then writing.


Can you practice spelling the tricky words in your exercise book in a similar way to the worksheet? Copy them out firstly, then read them, cover them up and see if you can have a go at spelling them without looking.