Reevy Hill Primary School

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Miss Shabir's Group

Good Morning! Let's start with a counting game.

  • Ask your child to count to 20 slowly and clearly.
  • Stop them by clapping your hands.
  • They must then whisper to you the number that they were going to say next. Are they correct?
  • Repeat this several times, clapping to stop them at different points in the counting sequence.


Have a look at the number line above.

  1. As your grown up says a number between 1 and 20, can you point to the correct number?
  2. As your grown up points to numbers on the number line, can you tell them what number it is?


Today you will need a set of number cards from 1 to 20 to play a number line game. The instructions are below. Have fun, I wonder who will win?!


* Please note that the winner will be the person to place the last card down to complete the number line, which will be number 1 or 20. Not 1 or 12 as the instructions say, as we are playing the game with numbers to 20.