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Hello! Today we are going to carry on learning about numbers to 20. Can you start by counting to 20 with your grown up, pointing to the numbers on the number track below as you count? Now can you count all by yourself? Next can you play a game where you say one number then your grown up says the next and so on? So if you started by saying 1, your grown up would say 2, then you'd say 3, they'd say 4 etc all the way to 20.


How many of the numbers to 20 can you remember? If your grown up says a number, can you point to it on the number line?



We are going to learn more about the two-digit numbers 11 to 20 today. Watch the Numberblocks episode below, which explains how numbers 11 12 13 14 and 15 are made up.

Numberblocks - On Your Head (Full Episode)

The numbers 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 and 19 are all more than 10. They are all 10 and then some more ones. Like if I wanted to use my fingers to count the number 14, I've only got 10 fingers on my hands so I'd have to show those 10 fingers and then 4 more to make 14 altogether.


Look at the image below. It shows different ways to represent the number 15. Can you choose a way to represent each of the numbers from 10 to 19? You could make a tower of Lego, count out pieces of pasta, use your fingers and your grown ups fingers altogether, draw pictures of a number of objects, clap your hands. See how many ways you can think of! Can you email us photographs of your work?