Reevy Hill Primary School

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Miss Shabir's Group

Good Morning! We are going to start today with a quickwrite of sounds and tricky words so make sure you've got your exercise book and a pencil! As your adult points to sounds on the sound mats below, can you write a list of them in your book? (Please ignore the crossed out sounds as we haven't learnt them yet.)

Now we would like you to practice spelling the phase 2 tricky words. Grown ups, please ask you child to spell the following words without letting them see them on the screen.


go      to        I        no       into         the


Can you read the following phase 3 tricky words?

Today we are going to be learning a new digraph, in the middle of the words:


born          port         fork


If your grown up reads the words out loud to you, can you work out what our new sound is today? It is the or digraph. Can you say that sound? or    or     or   


Watch the YouTube video below as Geraldine the Giraffe learns about the or grapheme.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /or/ sound

We are going to apply this new digraph in our reading today. Can you read the words below, making sure to spot the or digraph in each word?












Now let's play yes / no questions. Use your phonic knowledge to read the questions below, showing your thumbs up if the answer is yes or your thumbs down if the answer is no.


Is it dark at night?


Is a fork soft?


Will a ship sail on a road?