Reevy Hill Primary School

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Miss Shabir's Group

Today we are going to be working on recognising numbers to 10, along with our 1:1 counting skills.

To start, can you count from 0 to 10 and back again 10 to 0?


Now we are going to practice recognising numbers to 10. Open the powerpoint document below. Click enable editing, select the slide show tab and click 'from beginning' to start the game. Can you say the numbers on the balloons before you pop them?

Did you manage to pop them all? Well done!


Now find your number cards from your home learning pack. We would like you to count out objects to match numbers so can you find some small objects to use, maybe Lego bricks or pasta or any small toys you have got.


Can you order your numbers from 1 to 10? Now count out the correct number of objects onto each number. Remember to count out the objects slowly one at a time, saying the number as you put the object down onto the number.


Parents - please help your child with the numbers that you think they need to work on. If they can recognise and count out all the way to 10 that's brilliant; if they are beginning to find it difficult as the numbers get bigger then stop before they get frustrated and recap and praise what they have already done. Thank you smiley