Reevy Hill Primary School

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Miss Gibson/Mrs Metcalfe's group

Practise recognising numerals 1-20 by watching the video below.

What Number Is This? 1-20

What Number Is This? 1-20

We have re-capped on addition and subtraction so far this week. Today we are going to do a mixture of both and work on spotting the signs! Remember if you see this sign; +in a sum, it means 'add' and if you see this sign; -it means 'subtract' 

Ask you child to tell you what add and subtract mean.


I will remind you of the strategies you have been taught for adding and subtracting; 


Addition                                                  Subtraction

  • Drawing pictures.                            Drawing pictures and crossing out.
  • Using fingers.                                  Using  fingers (when you can)
  • Using objects.                                   Using objects.



Look at the sums below, use your preferred strategy to find the answer. Be careful, make sure you read the sign carefully as they are mixed addition and subtraction sums!



10-3=           5+3=

4+0=            12-8=

6+4=            7+2=

13-4=           9-6=