Reevy Hill Primary School

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Miss Gibson/Mrs Metcalfe's group

Start by practising writing numerals 0-9 in your exercise book.

Number Formation | How to Write Numbers 0-9

Number Formation | How to Write Numbers 0-9 Learnt to write the numbers 0 to 9. It features simple rhymes to help remember how to write the number formation....

Today we will have a re cap on subtraction. Show the signs below and ask your child to tell you what they mean.


-    =

Subtract means to "take away" so the number will be smaller. We have looked at different strategies in class for subtracting; 


  • Using fingers, for example, 10-5= show 10 fingers, put 5 down, count how many are left. 
  • Using drawings and crossing out. (See example below)
  • Using objects, 9-4= counting out 9 lego blocks, putting 4 back, counting how many are left. 
Write the sums below in your exercise book. Use any of the strategies above to find the answer.