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Count to 20 and Workout | Fun Counting Song for Kids | Count by 1's to 20 | Jack Hartmann

count to 20 whilst working out with this fun video!

Today we will explore 'weight.' Watch the video below to see how the shopkeeper uses the weighing scales to compare the weight of two objects.

Measure Weight For Kids

Look at the pictures below. 

Mrs Mowl's group- write sentences to compare the pairs of objects, e.g the elephant is heavier than the feather.

Miss Gibson/Mrs Metcalfe's group- Draw a table in your book like the one below and write the objects in the correct columns.

Heaviest Lightest

Miss Shabir's group- Point to the heaviest object.

At school we use balance scales, like the picture below, to compare the weight of objects.

What happens to the scales when something is put into the bucket?

How do we know which side is the heaviest/lightest?

What happens to the scales when both objects weigh the same?