Reevy Hill Primary School

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Mrs Mowl's group

1. Practice counting from 0 to 20 and then back again 20 to 0.

2. Practice writing numbers in your exercise book. As your adult says numbers to 20 in a random order (9, 17, 4, 15 etc), can you write the numbers in a list in your book?


3. Can you copy out the number tracks below into your exercise book, filling in the missing numbers as you copy it? Make sure to look carefully at each number track as some of them are counting backwards!

Mrs Metcalfe / Miss Gibson's group.

1. Count from 0 to 20, then practice counting from and to a given number, for example count from 6 to 15 or from 9 to 18.

2. Can you read and say these numbers:


18     11     14      7      20     10     13    8     15     19     12      16        17  

3. Carefully count the animals in each row below. Can you write the number to show how many there are?

Miss Shabir's group.

1. Practice counting from 0 to 10 and back again 10 to 0. Can you count all the way from 0 to 20 with your grown up?

2. Using the number cards in your home learning pack, can you name all of the numbers as your grown up shows you the cards in a random order?

3. Can you order your number cards from 1 to 9. When you are finished, if your adult says a number can you point to that number?