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This week we are continuing with counting to 10 and learning about the number 1. We will be learning the song One Finger One Thumb. The words to this are below and there is a link to the song on the BBC Teach website:

One Finger One Thumb song sheet

Activity 1:

Practice counting in sequence from 1 to 10. Can you count slowly / quickly, quietly / louder, in a squeaky mouse voice / in a big gruff giant voice?

Below is the link to the Numberblocks One Wonderful World song to watch again:

Next play a game of Simon Says using the number 1. For example Simon Says clap your hands 1 time / jump 1 time / put 1 finger on your nose / turn around 1 time. Remember to only do it if Simon says so!

Below is a Numberblocks sheet to print out, where you need to cut out and stick 1 picture as the instructions tell you to.

Activity 2:

Practice counting in sequence from 1 to 10. Can you count 10 claps, 10 star jumps, 10 pats of your knees, 10 stamps of your feet, 10 hops on one foot?

Look at the number cards 1 / 2 / 3 below. Look at the number 1 with your child and ask them to hold up 1 finger. Talk about how the number 1 looks like their finger, straight down in a line.

Next point to the numbers in a random order several times. Ask your child to put their finger on their nose every time they see the number 1 do they spot it each time?

Below is an I Spy number 1 sheet to print. Using a felt tip, can your child find and circle all of the pictures that show 1.

Number cards

I Spy Number 1

Activity 3:

Practice counting in sequence from 1 to 10. Start by crouching down on the floor and then stretch up slowly as you count, making sure that by the time you reach number 10 you are stretched up tall on your tip toes.

Using the number cards shown above, play the same game as yesterday, this time asking your child to wiggle their fingers every time they see the number 1.

Next can you go on a number hunt around your house, trying to find as many number 1s as you can? You could take photographs of what you find and email them to to show us!