Reevy Hill Primary School

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Good Morning, we hope you are all okay! This week in Maths we will set an activity each day to develop number, counting and addition skills and understanding. We hope that you will enjoy these activities; please email us on to show us how you got on!


Take care, 


Mrs Metcalfe and Miss Gibson x



Today's activity is called 'Make a Tower'. This is an activity to work on number recognition and counting skills, as well as comparing numbers. The activity says to use numbers 11 to 20, however if you feel that your child still needs to practice numbers to 10 you can use those instead.


As your child is building, ask questions such as:

  • what number are you building?
  • is your number more than ... or less than ...?
  • how many more bricks do you need?
  • if you added 1 more brick, how many would you have then?
  • if I take 1 brick away, how many would you be left with?