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Length and Perimeter


This week, you will be learning about Length and Perimeter.

You will work through a PowerPoint each day and then you will be given a fluency worksheets to complete. You do not need to complete the whole worksheet, only complete the questions based on your table group. Take a look below:


Questions 1-4 = Table 4

Questions 5-8 =Table 2 and 3

Questions 9-12 = Table 1


Once you have completed your fluency, move on to the next step challenge. You can decide on the question/questions that you wish to complete. 


You may need a ruler to support your learning this week. If you do not have a ruler, you can download a printable copy of a 30cm ruler or you can contact school and we will provide you with a ruler.


If you are unsure about any tasks this week - just drop me an email and I will get back to you ASAP!





In this lesson you will be introduced to length using millimetre (mm), centimetres (cm) and metres (m). Work through the PowerPoint and have a go at the questions on the slide. The answers are given to support you. Once you have finished working the PowerPoint, complete your fluency in your book.




Next Step Challenge


Equivalent lengths m and cm



Next Step Challenge


Equivalent Lengths mm and cm


In this lesson you will be looking at mm and cm. Remember 10 mm = 1cm

Next Step Challenge



Comparing Lengths

Use the conversion mat at the top of this page to support you.

Next Step Challenge

Problem Solving Friday


Complete one of the problem solving questions below. Remember to set your work out using PEE (Point, Evidence and Explanation).

You can challenge yourself and complete all 3!

Off you go Team 3!

Check your answers!