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Hello! Each day this week for Maths we will be adding an activity for you to have a go at at home that practices a skill linked to the Shape, Space and Measures strand of the Early Years Curriculum. We hope that you will have fun with these! Please email us photographs of what you get up to, it is lovely for us to see how you are doing at home!


Love from 


Mrs Metcalfe and Miss Gibson x




Today we are going to be learning about Times of the Day. One of the learning outcomes for Reception is to be able to sequence familiar events and use everyday language to talk about time. An example of this, which we are going to look at today, is children having an understanding of the order in which they do things throughout the day.


When we talk about time, we use vocabulary such as:


morning, afternoon, evening, first, later, after.


Have a look at the pictures below, showing different things that Bear gets up to during his day.

Start by asking your child to look at the pictures and describe what Bear is doing in each one. Key questions you could ask are:

  • Tell me about this picture.
  • Tell me about what you have done today so far.
  • Which of these things do you do in the morning / first?
  • Which of these things do you do in the afternoon / evening?


You could then:

  • Put them into an order in which you think they might happen through a day.
  • Draw another picture that might 'fit' between two of the pictures.
  • Draw a picture sequence showing the things that you have done so far today or that you did yesterday.