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Hello! Each day this week for Maths we will be adding an activity for you to have a go at at home that practices a skill linked to the Shape, Space and Measures strand of the Early Years Curriculum. We hope that you will have fun with these! Please email us photographs of what you get up to, it is lovely for us to see how you are doing at home!


Love from 


Mrs Metcalfe and Miss Gibson x




Today we are going to be exploring patterns using the activity sheet below. There are several different ideas of activities to do so just choose a couple that you like the sound of or that you have the resources for.


The types of patterns that we want the children to practice creating are called repeating patterns.


The most simple are two-step patterns, with just two objects that change, for example red blue red blue red blue.


To make the activity more challenging patterns can be three or four step, such as red yellow blue red yellow blue, or red red blue green red red blue green.


Please see the activity sheet below.