Reevy Hill Primary School

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Feel free to print the handwriting sheets out or copy the spellings into your exercise book or on some paper in your neatest writing. 


Miss Pinder's Group 

You will have a new spelling rule to practice. For your first day, you will have a PowerPoint to look through then some spellings to practice. 



Phonics Group - 

You are going to start looking at alternative ways to write the Long a sound. 

You will be looking at - ay, ai and a-e. 

I will explain the rule of each way to write the sound then you have some spellings to practice. 


ay - this sound appears at the end of a word such as play or day. 


ai - this sound appears in the middle of a word such as rain or pain. 


a-e - this is a split digraph, it makes one sound but another letter sits in between the a and the e. This is in words such as cake and make.