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The Unexpected Visitor


This week your writing task will be based on the picture below. Please complete the daily tasks neatly in to your book.

The Unexpected Visitor



Today, I would like you to answer the questions below based on the above picture. Please check for errors in punctuation and spellings. 




Today you will be revisiting pronouns. You have learnt about pronouns in class and know that they replace the noun. Please follow the below task list to complete your work for today.


Task List.

  • Click on the BBC Bitesize link below to access your learning
  • Watch both of the videos
  • Complete activity 1 and 2 only
  • Complete the sentences below neatly in to your book.

Which pronoun would be best to completes the sentences below?


The old man saw _______ out of the corner of his eye.

________ were looking at him from behind a bush.




they, Them, us, We, her, She, them , I


Now write two more sentences about the picture above using pronouns. They can be about anything you wish.

Please write your sentences neatly in to your book. 



Today I would like you to focus on improving sentences.

This can be done by including: exciting adjectives, adverbs, and fronted adverbials in to your sentences.

I have attached some word mats below, to help you.  


Improve the sentences:

  • The sun shone on the mushroom.
  • The door opened.
  • The dog sat in the bucket.
  • The window opened.



Follow the rope that is holding the dog in the bucket. Where do you think the rope leads? Draw and describe what/where you have imagined. The expectation is that you write at least a paragraph. 



Your task today is to read the short story starter below and then to continue the story.

Use the 'Think about it' list below to generate ideas for your short story. Remember to use pronouns correctly in your sentences and to up level your work using the words mats that you used this week. 


Think About:

  • Who the unexpected visitor is? Describe the visitor with exciting adjectives.
  • How did they get there?
  • Why did they come?
  • What exciting adventure did they go on?


Story Starter


This morning seemed no different…until he looked out of his window. The sight that met his bewildered eyes was not ordinary at all. There was an unexpected visitor…


I would love to read your short story, please email me your final draft!