Reevy Hill Primary School

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Bears and Giraffes - fill in the gaps using words from the word bank to write a letter to Mr. Stott. Giraffes, when you have filled in the letter, can you copy it out neatly so we can send them to Mr. Stott when we are back at school?


Zebras - Use the sentence starters to write a letter to Mr. Stott. Use the word bank and ideas from prior learning to help you. 


Lions and Tigers - Write a letter to Mr. Stott asking him to plant more trees around our school grounds. Think about why this is important for animals and use the word bank and the Woodland Trust website to help you!

The Last Wolf by Mini Grey

A new take on an old classic!

How to Write A Friendly Letter - For Kids

This is a "How to" video for children on writing a friendly letter. I will go over the parts of a friendly letter. Please feel free to assign this video ...