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Hi Year 2


Here is your English work for the week. This work is available as a pack from the school office (see below).

Monday 1st February 2021

LO: To write sentences about a day in the life of a cat.

Lesson 1

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Simon's Cat

When you have finished


- Read your work to check it makes sense.

- Have you used adjectives to describe?

- Have you extended your sentences using connectives?

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

LO: To write sentences using adjectives and connectives.

Claude in the City: Part 2

Watch Part 2 of the story.

Look at the patients in the waiting room. What do you think is wrong with them?

Which patient do you think this prescription is about?

Write a prescription for each patient in the waiting area.

Wednesday 3rd February

LO: To draft a persuasive note to Claude.

Write a draft version of your note today.

Thursday 4th February

LO: To write a persuasive note to Claude.

For today's lesson you will need:


- Your draft from yesterday.


1. Read your draft from yesterday.

2. Use a different colour pen/pencil (if you can) to edit and improve it.


Use your draft from yesterday to write your persuasive note to Claude.

Friday 5th February

LO: To use different types of conjunctions.

Choose a coordinating conjunction and rewrite the sentences.

Choose a subordinating conjunction and rewrite the sentences.



Write your own sentences with coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.