Reevy Hill Primary School

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Current week's work for children who are self-isolating

Our topic this half term is In the Garden. This week we are continuing to learn about growing and changing and will hopefully be seeing our butterflies emerging from their cocoons! We will be reading the book Mad About Minibeasts.

Here are some ways you can join in at home:

Mad About Minibeasts! Children's read-aloud (audiobook), with illustrations.


  • Go on a minibeast hunt in your garden! Remember to look in, on and under things to see what you can find! There is a minibeast hunting checklist below for you to record what you find.

Make a minibeast using a cardboard tube! Which will you choose to make?

  • Can you learn the song Tiny Caterpillar, as shown in the pdf below (and sung to the tune of 'She'll be coming round the Mountain')?

Tiny Caterpillar song


  • We have learnt the letters s a t p i n m d in phonics (Mrs Metcalfe's group). Looking at the letters below, can your child tell you the sound made by each one?

Using their robot arms, ask your child to segment the words:

sit     map     tin     dip

Can they have a go at writing the words as well?

In Miss O'Connor's phonics group we are learning to say the sound that is at the beginning of a word. Looking at the pictures below, can your child tell you what sound is at the beginning of each word?

What sound is at the beginning of...


  • Using the documents below, count out the correct number of leaves onto each beanstalk by looking at the numeral on the castle.
  • Using the document below, can you order the magic beans by number from 1 to 10? (Grown ups, please cut the beans out for your child.)