Reevy Hill Primary School

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Current week's work for children who are self-isolating

Our topic this half term is In the Garden. This week we are learning about growing and reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk.

Here are some ways you can join in at home:

Ladybird First Favourite Tales Audio | Jack and the Beanstalk


  • Can you draw or paint a beanstalk? There are some pictures below to give you some ideas.

Beanstalk art

  • Can you learn the rhyme 5 Little Peas, as shown below?

5 Little Peas

  • Looking at the photographs below, can you talk with your grown up about the changes between the seasons of Winter and Summer, thinking about the grass, trees, plants, animals and temperature.

Growth and change through the Seasons


  • We are learning to identify the initial sound in a word, like s for sausages or p for pear. Looking at the poster below, can your child spy pictures beginning with s / p / t?
  • We are learning to orally segment and blend sounds in words, this will help us be ready for reading and writing when we go to Reception! Using the pictures below, play a game of I spy! Adults you will need to be the one doing the spying to begin with! For example, say "I spy with my little eye a c-u-p". Can your child listen to the sounds c-u-p and blend them together to say the word cup? You can then switch roles and see if your child can sound-talk (segment) a word for you to blend and spy.

I spy something beginning with...

I Spy segmenting and blending


  • Using the documents below, count out the correct number of leaves onto each beanstalk by looking at the numeral on the castle.
  • Using the document below, can you order the magic beans by number from 1 to 10? (Grown ups, please cut the beans out for your child.)