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Good Morning, we hope you are all okay! This week in Maths we will set an activity each day to develop number, counting and addition skills and understanding. We hope that you will enjoy these activities; please email us on to show us how you got on!


Take care, 


Mrs Metcalfe and Miss Gibson x



Today's activity is called 'Match my Number'. This activity practices number recognition, ordering and writing to 20. If you feel that your child would be better practicing numbers 1 to 10 or 1 to 12 then please do the same activity but using those numbers instead.


Begin by asking your child to place in order the numbers that you are working on. Prompt them with questions such as 'what number comes next', 'what is 1 more than that number?' Once they have done this, follow the activity below, repeating it several times.


To simplify the activity, once the numbers have been turned over, you could write numbers on small cards and ask your child to place them where they think they belong on the number line. If they are unsure, remind them that they can always count from 1 to work it out.