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Combined groups

Start by clicking on the video below to practise counting to 20 and back.

Count Back from 20 with the Count Back Cat

I use this one with my youngest math students to help counting back from twenty. We dance the counting parts, and freeze during the verses! Have fun!

Let's have a quick recap of doubling, doubling means to add the same amount. Look at the ladybirds below. Draw the ladybirds in your book and draw the spots to show the doubles.

You will need some objects and two dishes for today's activity. You could use anthing; lego/raisins/pennies.

 I would like you to use these objects to find half of different amounts. If I wanted to find half of 6, I would count out 6 then share between the two dishes. The amounts in both the dishes will the be the same amount; half of 6 is 3.


Half of 4 is

Half of 12 is

Half of 6 is

Half of 8 is 

Half of 4 is 

Half of 16 is