Reevy Hill Primary School

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Combined Groups

Let's begin by practicing our doubles today. Using your fingers to help you, remembering to show the same number of fingers on each hand, can you complete the following sentences:

  • Double 1 is _______
  • Double 2 is _______
  • Double 3 is _______
  • Double 4 is _______
  • Double 5 is _______



Today we would like you to practice your recognition and ordering of numbers to 20. How quickly can you say all of the numbers below?


11      18        6         2       20        7        13         17 

9         1        12         16          3          8          10      

4          14         19         5           15


Now please open the powerpoint below.

When the document opens, click enable editing then work through the slides. It works best out of presentation mode. Can you:

  • order numbers 1 to 20 on the first slide by dragging the number cards into the spaces. (Adults it is okay to help with this so long as the children have told you which number to move and where to move it to!)
  • work out the numbers that are hiding on the other slides. Once you have figured it out you can move the purple rectangle away to check if you were right.


If you want to email us to tell us about the learning you have been doing at home we would really like that!