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This week we have chosen to theme the Topic work around preparing your child for returning to school. Below are some stories, powerpoints and activities that you could look at together to help get your child ready for coming back to school and to help them understand that some things will be different to how they were before.

This is a powerpoint about Little Bear's return to school. It is really good for explaining to young children what changes there will be in school, in in very simple ways.

While We Can't Hug

This is a story to share with your child to help talk in a child friendly way about social distancing.

After looking at the Little Bear powerpoint and watching the 'While we can't hug' story, give your child time to talk about how they are feeling about their return to school, what they are looking forward to and if there is anything they are worried about. Looking at the emotions pictures below might help your child identify how they are feeling. Allow them time to express their thoughts and feelings before reassuring them if necessary.

This is a story about the importance of hand washing, plus a hand washing song (to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle), that you could help your child to learn.

Below is a lovely craft idea to help your child focus on positive things that they can look forward to doing as lockdown begins easing.

Most importantly, please let your child know how much we are looking forward to having them back in school, we cannot wait to see all of the children again!


See you soon,


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