Reevy Hill Primary School

Interactive bar


Arts and Crafts

Why not try...
Make some binoculars to go exploring
Make animal stampers 
Leaf rubbings 
Paint leaves to make a butterfly 
Stick Mobile

Make your own costume

All you need is an old school shirt and felt tips smiley

Make your own shadow puppets

Stick Rainbow

Use painted sticks to make a rainbow

Nature Pictures 

What pictures can you make with things in your garden? 

Fun things to make with empty containers (Don't forget to email a picture of what you have made!)

Leaf printing 

This can also be done with playdough



Rainbow Challenge 
Join in with window eye spy!
Make a time capsule
Things to make 

Make your own musical instruments using recycled materials

Can you use your instrument to play  your favourite Nursery Rhyme? maybe have a concert for your family.... or start a band!