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Animals around the world!!

Our topic for the Summer term is 'Animals around the world'  Choose a type of animal to learn about each week. In each section you will find facts, stories and activities to do with each animal! If  you have a favourite animal that you would like to learn about let me know by sending me an email to and i will add it to the 'Our Favourite Animals' section!


Don't forget to send me photos of your work and activities!

In your workbook:

*Draw a picture of your favourite animal

*Make a list of all the animals you know (ask a grown up to help you write)

*Can you move like an animal? (for example hop like a kangaroo)

Animals around us

These are some of the animals I have seen whilst our walking. What animals can you spot on your walks?


Watch the video's from zoos around the world. keep pausing the videos ad talking about what you can see. How many of the animals can you name?

Brief Tour of San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Robert Irwin's Australia Zoo tour